Carboxymethyl Tamarind (CMT or CMTKP)

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Date: 03-27-2019 04:36PM

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Carboxymethyl Tamarind Kernel Powder (CMT or CMTKP) is an anionic water soluble polymer; it is derived from Tamarind Kernel Powder (TKP), which is made cold water soluble by a chemical reaction (Carboxymethylation). Cold water solubility is achieved by introducing carboxymethyl groups (-CH2-COOH) along the polysaccharide chain, which makes hydration of the molecule possible in cold water.
CMT is bio-compatible, bio-degradable, non- toxic & modified natural polymer.
CAS NO.: 68647-15-4
EICS NO.: 271-943-5
CMT widely used as textile printing thickener.
CMT also used for sizing in jute yarn & cotton warp.
CMT has extensive use in paper & explosive industry where it is used as viscosity builder.
CMT used as a core binder in foundries & mosquito coils.
CMT used as a sizing material in paper industry.
CMT very effectively used these days by oil drilling companies as soil stabilizer.
CMT has numerous other applications & its low cost gives it an edge over other thickening agents.

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Carboxymethyl Tamarind (CMT or CMTKP)

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