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Money Back Guarantee:

Our vitiligo treatment oil is 100% natural and guaranteed that you will get back the natural skin color again. So hurry up and order now vitiligo treatment oil to get rid of , your money is safe in case of any unsatisfactory result you can claim your money back.

How to Apply:

Apply vitiligo treatment oil on the affected part and massage it with your finger tips until skin absorbed it. Apply the oil once a day and not washed oil earlier than 6 hours. Remember regular application of the oil is necessary for the good results. Make sure the treatment should be applied at the same time and the duration of application should not vary.

Shaken the oil well before application and the oil is only used when it is fluid. The application of oil irritates your skin reduce the time of the application. After taking this step irritation is not controlled than it is highly recommended to stop the treatment and take expert help.

The Oil consist the following herbal substances:
• Mustard Oil
• Turmeric powder
• Coconut oil
• Olive oil

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