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A Download Section!!!!!

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I have one good Suggestion!!

How about creating a Download Section..

Which contains child boards like:
Movies Section
Games Section
Software Section
Music Sction
and Lots more!!

these download sections can have the links for people to download things and anything they want..
people can post download llinks for these..

I am one awesome download link poster!!

I can put anything from songs, movies, games, softwares upto to operating Systems like linux and all..
So people will join this nad download it from here instead of searching and wasting time else where..


I hope my suggestion is implemented!!



Reema Khan:
Its not a warez forum so don't post any pirated software link here


come on..

if u have atleast a warez section..
then u can attract a lot of members..
there is a site like this with warez..
and due to links to almost everything..
the site gets a minimum of 100 members each day!!

thats why!!
and it wont be called pirated as it is just people buying the original versions and uploading into the sites as download links..

thats it!


IS it helpful for all who want do down load any thing from any site...????????????


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Yes I agree to have a downloading section, it's fun!


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