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Affordable High PR One Way Links[/url]

Benefits of High PR One Way Links
   Quick indexing and crawling by SE Robots.
   Links on public pages to facilitate full indexing.
   DoFollow Links to get the benefit of link juice.
   One way links from the Domain of high PR sites.
   100% complying with search engine Guidelines.
   Free Social Bookmarking in high PR sites to index the page.

Plan Details
Total One Way Link:-1
Domain PR:-2  for  PR2,3  for  PR3,4  PR4.
Do-Follow Link:-Yes
Link From Root Domain:-Yes
Unique C Class IP
Permanent Link:-Yes
100% Organic Method:-Yes
Detail Report:-Yes
Free Social Bookmarking:-Yes
Processing Time:-Yes
Price:- $13  for  PR2, $23  for  PR3, $33  PR4.

Payment Method

here you will find all pr directory list

please check it out- newbielink: [nonactive]

newbielink:http://"" [nonactive]

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Great, this is good option to get the backlinks from good PR sites.

For one way directory link you can try submitting your site links in free directory links lists and commenting into niche articles.


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