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Bing Is the Easiest Search Engine To Rank For


Hello folks,

What,s your views on this

Bing Is the Easiest Search Engine To Rank For ??

I had never for Bing Search Engine, so no idea about it.

There are less mysteries about how to rank higher on Bing. They also give you the tools to improve your website to suit their taste.

Unlike Google, Bing is surprisingly open about its ranking factors. It's also unusually pro-SEO, and would never say something like "any links intended to manipulate a site's ranking in search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of our guidelines."

Along with a swathe of other SEO Tips over on their guidelines page, they explaining;

"Create a plan around how to build links internally and externally. [] Consider social media to help build external links, or simply ask websites for them. [] Carefully plan which actual words will be linked use targeted keywords wherever possible."
Yup, that's Bing telling you to build links and optimize your anchors. I highly recommend going through Bing's guidelines, you'll get the lowdown on all ranking factors, providing an all-encompassing guide straight from the horse's mouth about how to rank on Bing.


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