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How to Get More Yahoo Backlinks?


Hello folks,

Is anyone doing SEO for yahoo search engine, I need to know, How to Get More Yahoo Backlinks?

Make sure you continue to create quality backlinks. Keep doing so on a regular basis. And try to find do follow places to post such as do follow forums, do follow social networks, do follow groups, and other do follow sites.

There are two types of websites, 1st those who allow you to register, get signed in and post your articles and 2nd ones are those, who have some set of guidelines for the article submissions and you have to pitch them to publish your article on their website.

Here, Yahoo is a search engine and it is not possible to get link from their, it is the same as Google, How can you get backlink from Google, it is a search engine itself who is allowing users to visit on websites.

Buzzfeed, i think you have to make an account before submitting your articles to get a backlink and for Fungistaan, if it not your website, or not of any of your friend or client, then better to contact the admin of the blog.


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