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How to increase desktop traffic on Yahoo Gemini


Hi All,

I have tried multiple way to increase the traffic on Yahoo Gemini campaign but analytics shows only 3 or 4 user at time.

Any suggestions??

Yahoo Gemini is a platform that allows for search, shopping, and native advertising campaigns that serve in the U.S. and C.A., with plans to expand to other countries.

Previously, Bing Ads has allowed advertisers to serve ads on Yahoo properties, but much of that is changing now that Gemini is ramping up.

Currently, all mobile traffic on Yahoo properties has moved from getting Bing ads to being served Gemini ads. This includes tablet traffic as well.

More than 70% of Yahoo’s mobile traffic is currently occurring on Yahoo Search. Also, 49% of desktop traffic on Yahoo properties has also moved from Bing Ads to Gemini, and it is likely that more will continue to shift in this direction during the coming months.

All you have to do is optimize the website for SEO and for visitors. That is more than enough to optimize your website for all the search terms.


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