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How important is the disk space in a web hosting plan?


Hi! Iím looking to build and host my website so Iíve been searching for a good web hosting plan online. Saw several options on this website hosting company and I noticed that thereís a huge difference in the amount of disk space in their hosting plans. Can someone here please explain the importance of disk space? Also, is it ideal to get a hosting plan with unlimited disk space? Iím still new to these things, so a little explanation would help. Thanks!

You need to carefully keep an eye on the usage of web space and especially the bandwidth. The reason being it is much easy to control the disk space usage because it is you who decide how many web files should be there on the web hostís server. Controlling the bandwidth is not an easy job.  Suppose, if your website get a good search engine rank and gets a lot of web traffic suddenly, then it will consume a lot of bandwidth and may even exceed the limit allotted to your website.

Disk space is essential if you want to host lots of video content on your website.
The data that you store on your website is going to be stored on the disk space available to you.
So you have to decide what form of content you are going to host on your website and decide the quantity of disk space you need for that.


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