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Title: Tools You Can REALLY Use (Broke Or Otherwise)
Post by: HomeOffice on October 11, 2012, 10:56:15 AM
If I'd have had some of these tools awhile ago, I'd be farther along now;

Dicter (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/Translation_Software.zip): The BEST translation software ever - the world is open to you
PDF Creation Software (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/PDFCreatorPro.zip): Recommended for XP and below
Easyfeeder (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/easyfeeder.zip): Instamatic RSS feed creation
Skype Recorder Setup (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/SkypeRecorderSetup.zip): 'Nuff said
Credit Repair Sofware (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/Credit-Repair-Software.zip): A tool for our times
Viral File Brander (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/VBF_PU_Pkg.zip): Brand your files with a URL when you zip them
XBOX Cheat Guide (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/Xbox_Cheat_Guide.zip): It's old, but it's there
Do It Yourself (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/Do-It-Yourself-160-PDF-Series.zip): Mike Holmes would be proud...
DigitalStoreScript (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/DSS-BRANDED-ENCRYPTED.zip): An alpha version of my old shopping cart
Online Revenue Generation Rolodex (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/OnlineRevenueGenerationRolodex.zip): Online cash here
Auto Approval Article Directories (http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/3227/FREEBIES/Auto-Approval-Article-Directories-V1.zip): All PLR here - NOW

I gotta get this splat offa my hard drive. I got tons of this stuff...enjoy.