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For Sale / Health & Fitness Video Articles
« on: November 05, 2012, 01:49:21 PM »

Fifteen video articles from the Health and Fitness niche that are guaranteed to be of great resale value or website content for only $45 (less than $2-3 dollars per video).

You KNOW your audience/customers are just gonna eat it up, so why are you pausing?!


24 HOURS ONLY! Priced To Sell!

Health & Fitness Video Articles  Set 1

Health & Fitness Video Articles  Set 2

Health & Fitness Video Articles  Set 3

For Sale / Massive Content Database Collection Sale
« on: November 05, 2012, 01:37:26 PM »
OK all you database hunters!! Where y'all @? Time for another 
Database shelling round and I need some hits on this like a starvin'-ass
pit bull on crack! Notice the lovely array of content databases spread
out over many types of formats. Hopefully, no one was neglected and all
needs for the coming days and weeks are to be found below - HURRY - it's
all over in three. I thank all the eyeballs riding on this one. Please don't
be a day late, and a dollar short. Form an orderly queue at the "more info"
posts that need to go here in this thread. Talk to me! We're doing deals!

CSV Databases

  • Geo IP Country Whois (12.4MB - 65K-plus results) - $5

DOC Databases

  • Wordpress Health Blog (58.1MB - 214 pages) - $10

HTML Databases

  • US Gun Dealers' List (3.54MB - 11,166 listings) - $15

MySQL Databases


Article Databases
  • Article Directory 1 (265MB - 129,844 Articles) - $10
  • Article Directory 2 (1.15GB - 283,403 Articles) - $25
  • Article Database 3 (381MB - 230,455 Articles) - $15
  • CNN Article Dump (4.92MB - REAL NEWS - 1,450 Stories) - $5
  • College Articles (2.90MB - 408 Articles) - $1
  • Home Business Articles (12.7MB - 2,807 Articles) - $5

Humor Databases
  • Insults (465KB - A few hundred insults - non-numbered) - $5
  • Jokes 1 (2.71MB - 9,985 jokes) - $1
  • Jokes 2 (8.71MB - 16.337 jokes) - $5

Recipes Databases
  • Pro Recipes (48.8MB - 41,759 recipes) - $5

Websites Databases
  • asiapalacedb (23.5MB - Site dump) - $5
  • geeklog_db_backup (250KB - Site dump) - $1
  • (22.6MB - Site dump) - $5
  • news_stories (323MB - site news dump) - $10
  • slashdot.dump (121MB) - $15
  • Jokes 2 (8.71MB - 16.337 jokes) - $5


  • Famous Quotes (3.69MB - 21,814 quotes) - $5
  • Famous Quotes 2 (3.28MB - 17,393 quotes) - $5
  • Celebrity Bios (613KB - At least over 200 Celeb bios) - $5
  • Baby Names (2.61MB - 28,582 names) - $5
  • Baby Names 2 (922KB - 10,134 names) - $1
  • Blogs List (18.2MB - 54,691 blogs) - $5
  • News Outlets (110KB - 584 outlets) - $1
  • Ezine Links (3.50MB - 7,042 ezines) - $5
  • Kids' Fun Facts (150KB - Not numbered, a few hundred facts) - $1
  • Kids' Games (50KB - 255 games) - $1
  • Lyrics1 (95.1MB - 111,545 lyrics) - $15
  • SongLyricsDatabase1 (17MB - 39,678 lyrics) - $10
  • SongLyricsDatabase2 (2.22MB - Non-numbered, a few thousand lyrics) - $5
  • Radio Stations (81KB - 531 stations) - $1
  • Drink Recipes (2.67MB - 8,498 drinks) - $1
  • Drink Recipes 2 (8.88MB - 9,033 drinks) - $1
  • Drink Recipes 3 (677KB - 1,457 drinks) - $1
  • Ethnic Food Recipes (4.74MB - 4,064 recipes) - $1
  • Food Recipes 1 (24.1MB - 29,736 recipes) - $5
  • Food Recipes 2 (1.01MB - 1,013 recipes) - $1
  • RSS Feeds (4.94MB - 30,385 feeds) - $5
  • Short Stories (620KB - 358 stories) - $1

  • Game Cheats Pack (13.4MB, 7 .sql files of 20 - 30k game cheats) - $10


  • musicDB (58.9MB - WP music blog dump with install video tutorial) - $25
  • TV-Links-SQL-XML (33MB - WP TV blog dump with SQL & XML versions) - $15
  • WCDComp (2.32MB - 4 random WP content databases) - $10
  • animedb (11.2MB - WP anime blog dump) - $10
  • articles_wp (36.5MB - WP article blog dump) - $10
  • groadieswpsql (737KBB - WP pharma-blog dump - .txt format) - $5

XML Databases


  • full_wordpress_database2 (66MB - WP medi-bio blog dump) - $10
  • health-wordpress.database (6.84MB - WP medical content dump) - $5
  • (10.2MB - WP medical content blog dump) - $5
  • XML Music Database (77MB - WP music blog dump (1-20) with install video tutorial) - $25
  • wordpress_medical_article_database (10.2MB - WP medical content blog dump) - $5


One of the things that plagued me when I was starting out as a web developer was the fact that I was hampered by the inability to both not see instant feedback on coding changes and not be able to work with database driven sites unless you had access to decent free webspace providers (lol!), or you sucked it up and paid - like I did - for the technical privilege of being able to edit the files directly on the server and then view them back instantly in the browser. I remember wishing that I could have a webserver on my local machine. Right as I had that yearning, I started learning about the different ones there were, with QuickPHP becoming a (past) favorite.

The problem was, at the time, none of the webservers were enabled with MySQL, and I wasn't in the mood for a Jacques Cousteau-like expedition into learning it just to set it up for local programming development. But, I knew I was going to have to do something if I was going to go pro. Right about the time of that decision, I just had fortuitously stumbled into The Uniform Server, a free and open source Windows Apache-MySQL-PHP server suite. Now, I could develop dynamic, database-driven sites and applications freely in my local environment before I dispatched a code framework out to the browser wilderness to suffer at the hand of (well-documented) quirks.

At current time, the 8-Coral version is out now and is the greatest thing for me since sliced bread, and I use it constantly. The only thing that I can recommend is to be careful on starting it up as a program (also offered the ability to start it as a machine service) since , in my case, my Avira always blocks it as a virus kick-in, and I have to disable the a/v incident manually. You read more about and download over @ The Uniform Server.

For Sale / Article Content Re-Packaged For Sale
« on: October 24, 2012, 08:05:45 PM »
This is what the sale of this content pack looks like now;

      Marriage, Divorce, & Relationships
                Article Content Pack

Click on the image above for the salespage that you missed 'cuz you were too
busy to save yerself a couple of bucks the first time around ;D

PHP / A Recommendation
« on: October 18, 2012, 06:25:31 PM »
plz tell me which site is best to learn PHP easily online.

I don't know about the "best" sites for learning PHP easily, but I'll give you 2 resources
(easily searched); W3Schools and _ and two that I consult constantly to keep
my coding on-track. On a related note, just type the same line that you used as the
title into a search engine, and you'll get more listings. Try to consult as many sites
as you can to build up your coding knowledge. Good luck @sam.

For Sale / Sale Over :(
« on: October 18, 2012, 06:16:27 PM »
About 9PM is the cut-off. Thanks!

Thanks to all who read the thread!  :)

For Sale / Sale Over :(
« on: October 18, 2012, 06:13:17 PM »

9PM my time, sale is OVER. Have salespage to finish then it's going on my sales siteCommissary.

Buy wisely...Thanks!

JUST finished the salespage for this content pack, so I'm shutting down the sale here.
Sorry to all those that didn't get in on this deal, but now I'm tripling the price  8) - Thanks

HTML & Website Design / Using PHP TO Connect To MySQL Databases
« on: October 18, 2012, 07:54:34 AM »
When I'm surfing online and boning up on coding kowledge,
the number one complaint I usually see in multiple forums
and self-help sites is that, no matter what the application,
there is invariably database connection difficulty.

To connect to your MySQL database server, you need to know:
 ¦MySQL server host
 ¦Database User name
 ¦Database User password
 ¦Database Name
a website hosted professionally (paid web hosting) usually uses “localhost”
for the MySQL server host link. Mostly, “localhost” = (your local
machine address if you're hosting a server). In the case of "free hosts",
you usually see something like “”.
Consider the code scenario for this to happen:

Code: [Select]

$pwd=”Random string of Numbers/Letters”;
if (
mysql_error() > “”) print mysql_error() . <br>;
if (
mysql_error() > “”) print mysql_error() . <br>;

PHP makes it even EASIER to achieve database connection as you can easily
have the above code in a function and then call that function like so:

Code: [Select]

function connect2database()
$pwd=”Random string of Numbers/Letters”;
        if (
mysql_error() > “”) print mysql_error() . <br>;
        if (
mysql_error() > “”) print mysql_error() . <br>;

Once this function is called, it won't need to run a repeat MySQL function
in PHP, unless the database was abruptly exited. Folks, you're going to have
to start getting to grips with how to do this yourself. I PROMISE, you'll
attain a greater freedom to create your own projects at will to control
every aspect of your digital enterprise.

HTML & Website Design / Re: Web marketing and its advantages.
« on: October 18, 2012, 07:45:51 AM »
Or, you could just go out and get yourself a Black Belt in web marketing ;D - Remember, knowledge is power.

Webmaster Tools & Resources / Learning CHMOD From Scratch
« on: October 18, 2012, 07:41:09 AM »
In a nutshell, CHMOD is all about what permissions a server has to be able
to access all the given files and directories that exist upon it. Numerically;

0 = no operations allowed
1 = execute permission or the ability to cd in the case of a directory
2 = write permission
4 = read permission

Every file has permissions for owner (you), group (directory users), and world (global site users).
To define the permissions you want for a file, add up the numbers of each class the file will have to chmod it.

The home directory will have permissions 711 (server default) meaning:
7 = 4+2+1:You (the owner) can read/write/execute
1 = 1:Other users in your group can cd/execute but not read or write
1 = 1:Other users not in your group can cd/execute but not read or write

The public_html directory with permissions 755:
7 = 4+2+1:   You (the owner) can read/write/execute
5 = 4+1:    Other users in your group can cd/execute/read but not write
5 = 4+1:    Other users not in your group can cd/execute/read but not write

Files that you create in the public_html directory must have at least permissions
644 (directories must be 755) or the server can't read them and they won't be "online".
To make the directory images and all its files world readable (and avoid all those, "Why
can't I see my pictures in my website online?" questions) chmod 755, and if you want to
"disappear" a file, chmod 700 (makes file unreadable to server).

Webmaster Tools & Resources / Re: Online Web Design Resourcing
« on: October 18, 2012, 07:27:47 AM »
Hi online method is very useful to every one because whenever we have doubt easily we can clarify this method

Even better: go to these sites and use them. Frequently.

General Marketing / Online Revenue Generation Rolodex
« on: October 18, 2012, 07:23:28 AM »
The opportunity to work online for money is endless,you only need to imagine it and put it into action.We are here,to share the great ideas and experiences to better go ahead in this field.

Here's an iron clad condensation of all the (as yet inexhaustible) resources which you will require in some form or another to

do this: Online Revenue Generation Rolodex

If you can't MMO with this - yer DEAD! And I can't help with that aspect...

For Sale / Massive UNIQUE Article Content Sale - Over @ 9PM
« on: October 18, 2012, 07:03:46 AM »
Marriage Divorce Relationship Content - all three volumes for only $50.

9PM my time, sale is OVER. Have salespage to finish then it's going on my sales siteCommissary.

Buy wisely...Thanks!

For Sale / Re: .edu Website Listing Database (10k+)
« on: October 18, 2012, 06:59:46 AM »
.edu website database collection - .xls format, divided into different categories like forums,
guestbooks, etc.,

Any interested parties in this? Well, it's coming down later tonight, so you better shake a
tail-feather, 'cuz I'm doing the sales page for it as I type this. About 9PM is the cut-off. Thanks!

For Sale / Re: PLR Technology Articles Content Pack
« on: October 18, 2012, 06:56:13 AM »
OK, Hello @rachel - is this something you're expressing interest in?
If so, please let me remind you that I'm selling the quoted articles
above in article pack form, and it's more cost-advantageous to you
rather than just buying a chunk of the pack (which WILL cost more).

If the above quotation is your only interest, then PM me & we'll deal.

Thanks for your interest, and participation in this thread  :)

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