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how many link building in seo?

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how many link building in seo?

For Search Engine Link Building are Path between Pages.With the help of Link Analysis , The Search Engine Can Find How Pages are related to each other in What way. The most important thing in Link Building is, It is related your product or topic. So that anyone can easily access it. There are many Link Building techniques in SEO. We should follow 5 steps for link building:
1)Create an Effective Strategy
2)Measure your performance
3)What's the current situation?
4)Networking and link prospecting
5)Content creation

Link Building... Time-intensive. Frustrating. Sometimes confusing. Yet Unavoidable. Because ultimately, it's still the trump card for higher rankings.
In SEO you don't say that how many link building is seo because there are lots of link building site and link are available in google, but there are different technique are available to create growing popularity in using link building.

Smitha nayak:
 Hi....It's no secret Google uses links to measure the authority of web pages. If a web page attracts links from other pages Google's algorithm, the software it uses to rank pages and decide which page is number one for a search result, increases the importance of a page....thanks for posting....

Smitha nayak:
Since Google rolled out the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, numerous sites have been impacted or penalized. Often, companies that incur penalties or experience a drop in rankings donít have a clue as to what theyíve done wrong ó especially small, local businesses. This leads me to a novel proposal: perhaps for local businesses, the best link building is absolutely none at all.

Iíve been approached by many small-to-medium businesses seeking help with various degrees of penalization as a result of these updates over the past year, and some of the commonalities to me are striking ó primarily, the degree of ignorance about online marketing behaviors that can result in Google penalizing your website.


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