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Submissions Guidelines

Before submitting your site please take the time to read our submission guidelines below to increase your chances of being listed.

Submissions Guidelines:

Submit your top-level domain only in which the predominant language is English.

Non-English sites must provide an English translation and submission form must be filled out in English

You may submit to one category only. Please choose the most appropriate category for your site. Sites submitted to wrong or broad categories will not be accepted.

Do not submit individual pages of your site (this is spamming). Submit Services is a human indexed directory. Individual pages of a domain are are not accepted.

Do not submit multiple times. Submitting your site multiple times per category will not improve your chances of being listed and will result in permanent exclusion and ban from the directory.

The following Submissions will also not be accepted:

  • Mirror pages,

  • Doorway pages,

  • Sites with dead links and missing images,

  • Sites still under construction,

  • Affiliate sites or sites with only affiliate links or banners,

  • Sites that redirects to another address etc.

  • Sites with duplicate content, including ODP Clones.

  • All of the above will be deleted without a review.

  • Made for Adsense sites

Your Submission will not be accepted:

  • if the entry is in all capital letters.

  • if every word is capitalized, in the sites title or description.

  • if there are symbols, in the sites title or description.

  • if there is excessive punctuation marks or keywords in the sites title or description.

  • If the site title is repeated in the description.

  • if anything to boost your sites listing is used.

  • if too many keywords are supplied.

  • All of the above will be deleted without a review.

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