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How to Pass HTML to POP UP window?

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I am opening help messages in popup window. If a customer is login than I want to show 'Welcome Customer_name' on the top of the pop up. How can I send this data to POP UP window from parent window?


--- Code: ---function popUp(){

var mywin ="","wildebeast","width=350,height=350,scrollbars=1,resizable=1")

var text = document.form.input.value

var html = "<html><head></head><bodyWelcome, <b>"+ Customer +"</b>."
html += "How are you today?</body></html>"

//variable name of window must be included for all three of the following methods so that
//javascript knows not to write the string to this window, but instead to the new window

--- End code ---

Try this code. Not tested.

hey....I have no knowledge about computer programing language like html, dhtml, java script etc. So I can't any comment on this post. I'm really very sorry.

you can the pop up.html in the code below for additional pages and copy the "pop-up.htm" and give it the name you edited the link with. Make sure the names match exactly, hosting is case sensitive.

The variables newwindow, def1 and def2 are local variables, that means they are declared inside a function. You can't get those variables from another function or window that way.

What you should do it put newwindow, def1 and def2 outside of the function:

var newwindow;
var def1 = 'hi';
var def2 = 'there';

function popwindow(url, name) {
newwindow =, name, 'height=500,width=800');
if (window.focus) { newwindow.focus(); }


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