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Ok. Need to ask your opinion. Come and have your say :)

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Hey guys...

Here's what I need to ask you all...
It's more like .. need your opinions..

I recently registered a domain

When i registered it.. I had plans to start a new social bookmarking website. However, now.. i've got endless possibilities. Just can't seem to decide..

What website should I go with?

Social Bookmarking? (similar to Digg)
Social Networking? (Similar to Facebook, orkut, etc)
Proxy Indexing? (Something similar to
Image Hosting? (pretty obvious eh?)

Well.. these are what I've come up with..
However, going with the name 'Shout Or Sink'...
any other site type that you people would suggest?

Am open to suggestions

chloe vevrier:
lot's of competition in every one of those, but I vote for social networking.
Lot's of good wishes.


social networking

Hmm.. just when I thought of a few new possibilities!

I've been thinking of a video sharing/indexing site  ;)


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