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phpbb3 to a vbulletin?


Is there any vbulletin that I can convert my phpbb3 to?

In the quick search there are 2 subjects but its from a vbull to a phpbb3, but I want the opposite..

Please help Very  ;D


Try google.

Smitha nayak:
Hello..........Good topic.........I am about to buy the vbulletin license for my website. So i wanted to know how can i convert phpbb3 to vbullein. Please tell me steps.

Smitha nayak:
Hi...Among the many features of the vBulletin Internet forum software is the Import/Export ("ImpEx") system. This system allows administrators of other forum software, such as phpBB3, transition to the vBulletin Internet forum software by importing data from those forums onto their new vBulletin forum. The "ImpEx" system is script based and mostly automated, making it easier for administrators to move smoothly from one forum software to the next without the hassle of importing database information manually. Most people can transition from phpBB3 to vBulletin with relative ease.


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