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got a free forum, but been looking on the net for a website that I can get a free web page on...

with no ads though, I did one on GeoCities but it has that Yahoo bar on the side of the screen.... and others i've checked out like Tripod etc have got loads of ads!

so is there any out there where it'll just give you a blank page, for free?

I just need a page thats got a black background and then an image in the middle which people have to click to enter the forum...

help please


Freehostia offers free hosting, with no ads, I think.


do you know how to use it?

I have no idea when it comes to all that, I can only use 'website tools' etc that helps you out to make a web page...

I just need a normal blank black page, with a linkable image in the middle....

help anyone...

Never mind, I figured it out ;D sorted now, thanks!

Freehostia, they are a one in a million.


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