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How to create a content management system for a website?

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How to create a content management system for a website?
I'm building a website that would need a content management system for articles and for uploaded photos under a user Admin, this is a dynamic website and no i don't want to use joomla, wordpress and drupal.
the reason for this is I WANT TO LEARN IT!

News: (id, articles, content) add, delete, edit
Photo: (id, photo, description) add, delete, edit

If your going to suggest the above mentioned CMS or others please don't seriously please don't...

As you've said, you have a lot to study ...

Best you to study PHP and My SQL (mostly because of good support on the internet - scripts, tutorials, assistance) ...

The basics you can learn on the site - w3school or tizag etc ...

This is a usuful address for start:

On this site you can learn all the basics - from creating a simple login to the CMS ...
Special attention should be paid to the security of scripts and checking user input ...

First you have to learn about content management system, its important one for creating websites, lots cms tutorials present in the web and its help to learn about cms. thanks

A powerful option for your website is to use a content management systems (CMS) What is a CMS? A CMS is simply a system that holds all of your content,

Thats very challenging task.


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