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The Xenu link tool has been around for quite a while and is a favorite of many. Link Sleuth is my friends, it is an awesome and completely FREE link checking tool with Alexa plugin that does a pretty thorough job!. What is your experience?

Reema Khan:
nice tool..thanks a lot..

Hello Friends..........

The Xenu link sleuth application is completely free. Use it to find broken links on a website that is owned directly by the webmaster, or it can be used to check client websites for broken links. This software is beneficial for companies that manage other websites for clients, because it helps identify web pages that have broken links.


Hi I have just reviewed your website its really very good i have tried your software its awesome and also very usful. even i have suggested my some of the friends and their response is also positive.

Yes, Xenu is one of the best software that check the broken links, this is very fast program. I also always use this program to find the broken links.


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