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Is everything free a bad idea?


So far as I can see, professional websites pay for their hosting / domain / software. But there are quite a few no-ads free hosts etc. Why don't people "in the know" use free things?

Some friends have "volunteered" me to do "the technical bits" about setting up a new forum for local garden enthusiasts. It probably will never get very big.

First thoughts were to do it all for free.

a) Free ad-free webhosting from, or from or
b) Domain name from or .tk for free.
c) Forum software from MyBB or phpBB is free.

But if free is a good idea, why don't the "grown ups" (like this forum) do it?

Is this the wrong forum to ask those questions?

We have to noted that all free services have no value and no return, just try and come back

Well if you notice one thing that free things are not for long term. They are just demo. If you a=want permanent solution then you have to pay for it.

 Not at all the cheaper you get started the easier it is to make profit when you do start earning.


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