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Please Help me.......

Which is the best CMS for regional language (other than English)

.....SORRY...I am new to CMS...Help me guys..

joomla is the best CMS out there for every language. It's open source and supported by thousands of plugins/mods

Thanks chitika,

But image manager and easy article updations is difficult.

(I just tried it on demo site)

Is there any other good one? any way thnx for your reply..

HTML, CSS, (Little) bit of Javascript, PHP, SQL - in that order...

Python is more client side application oriented, PHP is the ultimate web/programming language

"There is no PHP without MySQL, there is no MySQL without PHP"

Nice to be involved in Mambo Foundation. I love this. Recently i host a web site and in the control panne i found different tool managment softwares and i found the best is Mambo that is why i choose this and try to register in forum go get some help in future. My web site is community based web site and i would like to published community news, articles, literatures etc, all the community members don't understand Englsh language so i need to put it in Nepali. I try to put nepali unicode but it don't support. Is there any help?? Plz notify me if any.
Once again i would like to give thanks for Mambo Foundation for the great job.


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