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which CMS offer above average user control ?

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which CMS offer above average user control ?
Above average user control would mean that you are able to limit not what they can ACCESS but what they can DO during certain time frames. For example, i want to allow them to change their profile names to WHATEVER they want BUT once its done, they cannot change it for a FULL YEAR or 6 months , etc

Thanks for the information. Its very useful for us and also most important to gathered through the user control.

CMS which provides that opportunities, you will to make yourself...
None of Free CMS does not have such opportunities...
If you're familiar with some programming language (PHP, MySql),You  could add some bit of code in the existing solutions (Wordpres, Drupal )...

I think wordpress.

In my point of view Joomla is the best to provide user control.


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