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Joomla Vs Drupal

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Are there any cases where one would be better than the other?
Is one more suitable for certain types of sites (i.e. blogs, ecommerce, etc.)?
Which provides an easier method for implementing custom templates?
Any scalability issues for future/multiple authors, users, etc.?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

I prefer Joomla because there is more user-friendly interface and it is more familiar to me and easier to use.

I prefer Drupal because there is more user-friendly interface and easier to use.

Drupal is a very powerful free PHP-based framework ...
Offers almost unlimited possibilities ...
Not for beginners ...
You need a certain adjustment for a comfortable working in it ....

Joomla framework is very accepted, but not as powerful as Drupal ...
The advantage of Joomla is an easier operation and a large number of templates, tutorials and help on the internet ...

If you want a good, stable, powerful tools choose Drupal ...
If you want a lighter solution around which you do not have that much effort then Joomla ...

I will prefer both Joomla and Drupal.


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