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Joomla Vs Drupal

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In simple words: Joomla is good for simple content-oriented websites as long as Drupal is more like social-oriented and suitable for more complicated content structures.

amreek singh:
   WordPress – Best choice for beginners because of it’s ease-of-use, it works especially well for small to medium sized
                         websites, blogs and smaller e-commerce stores.

    Joomla – Great for e-commerce or social networking websites, but requires a basic understanding of technical skills.

    Drupal – The most difficult, but also the most powerful. It requires a familiar understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP.

Technical comparison of Joomla and Drupal :

As soon as the programmer opens up the guts of the Drupal source code they are faced with a nightmare.
Customising Drupal is not easy, as it is based on a poorly-designed, procedural framework, whereas Joomla is based on a well-designed, Object-Oriented, MVC framework. It also implements a number of design patterns such as listener, etc.

Using a powerful CMS is a perfect way to get your website started on the right foot, thanks to all the functionality it will provide you with. When it comes to CMS options, the choice often comes down to Joomla vs Drupal. Overall, Joomla is a bit more beginner-friendly. However, Drupal offers you more options, especially if you have a web development background.

I hope this helps!

Joomla is better than Drupal. I always prefer Joomla becuase it is easy and comfortable.


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