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Title: What are contextual backlinks?
Post by: varunroy on July 29, 2020, 02:14:29 AM
What are contextual backlinks?
Title: Re: What are contextual backlinks?
Post by: JustinC on August 07, 2020, 04:08:10 AM
Contextual backlinks are links that are embedded within content, such as a blog or article, rather than something like a business directory.

The idea is that the link to your website is surrounded by contextual text, relevant content and information that explains where the link is pointing.

This is important for two reasons, which are inherently linked with each other:

Reason #1 Better UX

First, you provide a good user experience when you give some indication of what someone can expect to see when they click a link on a webpage.

Website owners, webmasters and bloggers should use contextual inbound links to help the flow of link juice and to make sure users know what sites they are being directed to.

Reason #2 Better relevance

Second, the search engines have realized that including the context of a link in their algorithms helps weed out low-importance, low-relevance, and misleading links.

This is because search engines inherently keep user experience in mind, as they want to show people the best and most relevant links in their results.